Rafael De Riego, La Tragedia Del Primer Militar Golpista En La Historia De España

Haaland has sponsored a House bill that sets a national goal of protecting 30% of US lands and oceans by 2030, a plan the Biden administration has adopted and made a priority for its environmental agenda. «Bundesliga quartet includes Sancho and Haaland – The most valuable U20 XI in the world» (en inglés). Another tip and idea that could really spark a new audience. More Italian SAP options for the games and more devices that have this feature. Another key factor is they could add a feature on the app by saying what team do you support so you can get all the highlights and clips from your club. I’m not sure if Paramount has this but it would also be beneficial to add the Serie A into your favorites section so fans could jump into a live match directly on the home screen.

Selección de Brasil: La 'Canarinha' quiere otro Mundial - Mundial 2018 An Italian commentator for the SAP option would add a whole other level to excitement and passion to the Serie A. Paramount Plus could use some of Rai Italia’s commentators for the Italian version. If that is the case, I would expect that the most important games will have local narration and pre and post shows, but no SAP option. Michelangelo They get SAP from the World feed, so it is highly unlikely that they will interact with the North Am presenters. Finally, if you want to interact with fellow soccer fans while watching your favorite Italian club’s matches you could always find a local pub in or near your area. What other ideas or opinions do you guys have for Paramount Plus and the Serie A. Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback and Forza Napoli!

Hopefully Rai Italia and Paramount Plus can work together if they get the Italian SAP option on their app so we can get the most authentic coverage similar to DAZN or SKY. Avid radio listeners can tune into channel 85 on SiriusXM to find Serie A coverage, both for live matches and weekly commentary of the Italian league. Serie A’s coverage should be very similar but could be better if they create a Diretta Goal or a Goal Zone channel for fans that want to watch non-stop action. Their coverage superior to an American station although the channel isn’t in HD. In Italy sky does that with their remotes by clicking the color to answer the question. Some time ago, I wondered whether a demon had crept inside Marco Asensio’s head, it was as though there was something there that the rest of us couldn’t see. Two wins, two draws, eight points; a remarkable result for these players, who have had to cover this season’s additional work while many of their clubmates were already frolicking on the beach.

Paramount need to learn from how NFL Redzone provides their coverage however without interrupting the matches with one commentator. Let’s hope they can deliver because their Coppa Italia coverage is horrible. If they were to be implemented, Serie A would have the best coverage across all sports and networks for US TV. In addition, A Soccer or Sports section would be lovely instead of always going into the TV show section. More Customization is needed and their should be a main section as well for soccer since many customers are buying it for this particular reason. The specials and highlights section don’t work at times.

If so and I wanted to subscribe to it, what would be the monthly cost and how many games would I be able to watch each week? We need more games on CBSSN instead of only one game a week. We’ll be sharing the news next week. Their should also be an option to choose your favorite team as an Icon on the app as well. I choose SpongeBob as my default one but it could be a nice touch for the fans. Before the matches start Paramount plus could start a poll on who is going to win the match and other questions that could pertain to that matchup. Hi Carmine, it’s $4.99 per month and you get every single game live and on-demand. Serie A is a modest property for CBS compared to what you are used to in Italy.

Many club websites provide a list of official sports bars here in America which show most, if not all, of that team’s matches (Note: If you happen to be in New York City, Smithfield Hall airs many Serie A games). Los franceses desean recibir unos 15 millones por el traspaso del centrocampista, aunque no verían mal la inclusión de William Carvalho en el traspaso, según RMC Sports. ↑ «Fabio Carvalho to Liverpool: Fulham’s rising star long destined for the top». Also, they seem to provide SAP only to the games in which both audio streams come from the world stream.

However, having Italian SAP audio option will be a huge outlook to the game. It’s important to obtain new fans this year and by doing so this will drive Paramount’s stock to the roof. Paramount Plus needs to find a way to work Rai Italia for announcers and broadcasting skills due to the fact this is their opening year for a new league. Ra. I understand that some of my ideas may be unrealistic due to the fact that the Serie A rights in Italy are far superior to those in the states due to the fact it’s the main league that they watch. Sky Italia has Calcio Diretta Goal which shows all the matches on that matchday live. We also need a pre-post show for all Serie A matchups and get in depth analysis with some legends like Alessandro Del Piero and Christian Vieri.